Offers / Service

Offers and Service

A session is 45 minutes either by phone or in person.

Couple sessions and family sessions from 3 persons and up are standard from 90 minutes. 

I am flexible, honor duty of confidentiality and customized agreements can be made. 

We can set up package deals from double sessions to a weekend. One year running contract or just go session by session.

Special requests regarding availability via phone and emergency sessions are possible, so you`ll feel well taken care of.

A written agreement will be made and signed so the custom rules and price are clear.  

The agreement can be ended at any time by you as a client, no extra charge and you pay only for sessions had.

Payment and billing will be done through PayPal or Conta.

I like to emphasise that flexibility is in focus to offer you the best peronalised service possible.

Phone Coaching Sessions

This is easy coaching sessions over the phone which is popular, is time efficient and can be done from everywhere. Think that you experience a situation which seems hopeless and you need immediate support. With a flexible arrangement I`m only a phonecall away. Any time. 

$99 45min

Online Coaching Sessions

These online face to face sessions done by Zoom or FaceTime are great.

This offer is to be able to really go deep no matter the topic. To be more connected and efficient during exercises or meditations. 

From the comfort of your home, its time efficient and a great value.

$99 45min

In Person Coaching Session

The in person coaching can be done at any place we agree upon, at your home, outside, at a cafè. Where you feel comfortable.

Currently I only offer in person coaching around Oslo Norway.

$124 45min

Package Coaching Deals

Package deals include all types of coaching options (phone, online and in person. Package deal can and will be customized to your spesific need and wishes. And can vary from double session, 3 day intense coaching to having one session 1 day a month for 6 -12 months. There are no limits and we customize together.

From $199