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About me

About me 

Everybody has amazing potential to achieve fantastic goals - no matter what it may be.

What`s often missing, is clarity! And why!

I can help you achieve your goals.

Now I`m moving forward into the world of investors to do the same for Small and Medium Enterprices.

My main focus forward will be consultation and mergers or acquisition (M&A) independent of sector, to help shareholders and companies with such as risk management, growth or out of crisis.

On the way towards democratizing weath, scaling businesses and solving problems for Small and Medium Enterprices.

“Underneath every negative behavior, is a positive intent ”

Ethical Investing

Ethical Investing - What it is?

  • Ethical investing is the practice of selecting investments based on ethical or moral principles.
  • Ethical investors typically avoid investments from sin stocks, companies involved with stigmatized activities, such as gambling, alcohol, smoking, or firearms.
  • Analyzing investments according to ethics should also include reviewing whether the company's actions align with their commitment to ethics and their historical, current, and projected performance.

For your Enterprise

All businesses have the potential to further growth even though its already a profitable company. I focuses on solving problems for you and your busines, and will do my best to achieve growth and profetability for the business, always using win-win deals that every parties profits from. Get the opportunity to break through the "glass ceiling" and grow beyond, getg bigger contracts, more influence with suppliers, bigger revenue and more profit.

To all hard working entrepreneurs that solves problems, create jobs and gets paid last, I am at service to create value.

Are you stuck in life?

I congratulate you for having reached the decission to create positive change in your life.

Many people feel lost in life, that they have no clear purpose. Are you letting your fears hold you back from what you really want to do, having the recurring feelings of not being enough and the habits of loosing focus on goals after a short while? This is a known for most us. Unfortunately are you the one left with the general thoughts and feelings of unfulfillment and dissatisfaction in life.

Anyone facing one or several obsicals like these in life will get great benefits from partnering up with a life coach. It can increase your chances for sucsess by 80%.

Minimum criteria for businesses.

If the business have very large secured loans with personal guaranies, have very high Hvis bedriften har meget store sikrede lån med personlige garantier, har meget høye operating costs compared to revenue or enteprises with low cash flow I will normally overlook.   
Otherwise the business must have an revenue from aprox $500k, minimum establishment time of 5 years and be geografically awailable if distressed. 

What can I do for you?

I am trained in coaching and the tecnichal and creative aspect of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in small and medium businesses (SME) Financial organisation/ structuring and Turnaround techniques. My contacts and mentors are leading and have long experience in the field of SME, M&A, Business development, Turnaround, Liquidation support, Initial and Direct Public Offering (IPO og DPO) 
If you personally are up against a major transition in your life, going after a spesific goal or just needs clarity.

I can help you see things with new perspective and identify unnoticed strengths within you and help you  maximising your resourcefulness. I care deeply about people and I can guide you at the moment you really need it, lifting you up to the next level and help you reach your goals

clarify your goals

My story

Many years in my own life I was out of balance. I was out of place, not my true self and keeping it all inside.

I wanted to change, I needed a change, but did not know how.

I tried many different things over the years but nothing really worked. 

During these last years I have searched the world for answers, educated myself

and worked hard to develop true change in myself and watched my world change for the better.

To finally discover true ways to lasting change and become the man I want to be, the man I am today.

My background on helping peopleand being a support is life long. Former I have worked with

psychological/ physical challenged kids and through out life been in contact with and helped people who had great and heavy challenges in life.

It is my genuine desire to help. To make a difference and watch development, joy and positive change is my drivingforce. Thats why I took the step towards being a professional coach.

What I want for you

Now I want you to experience real change and become your true self. It is all within you, and I can show you the way. I have walked the path myself and I know what works and what dont work. Looking back I would have benefitted having a coach or mentor, Your time is now. And later becomes never. 

I am trained as a coach at Robbins Madanes Training. To get the tools to make fast, real and lasting change in you.

You deserve everything you want

Everybody deserves to live a rewarding life of joy and happyness. And most have had a dream or a goal they never reached. Thought it to be impossible for you. I want to show you that anything you decide to commit to will become your new reality.

You can be anything you want as long as you do the work necessary. I feel that my own journey has just begun as well, and my life have taken turns and paths I never thought myself to be on.

I am so grateful for where I am today and I want to use my knowledge and inspiration for you.

What I bring to the table is real strategies for real and lasting change.

Changing is never easy if you dont have the right tools and strategies. But it is far from impossible if you want it for yourself, if it is a must.

I will guide you on your path to your inner truth and new realizations in your life.

If you start with only one thing you want to change, no matter how small, you are on the right way. The main purpose is moving forward towards your goal.

Just remember that you are enough!