Hurum Invest AS


My mission

My goal is to solve problems and create win - win situations, asymmetric risk, achieve economic growth for the business and for all parties involved

Where we can set a line over the past and focus on future achievement of the company.

Peter Hurum

I am looking to invest in small and medium sized businesses (SME) within diverse industries.

My goal is value creation and growth of smaller companies through joint venture, mergers, acquisition or turnaround.

Mainly I am looking for companies with annual EBIT of $500k - $5 million, approximate debt free and have an establishment time of 10 years or more.

To consider turnaround, the business need a revenue from $500k, a minimum establishment time of 5 years and have an even cash flow.

SME - M&A - Investor - Coach

Contact me to get a non-binding conversation regarding opportuneties for turnaround, joint venture, mergers or acquisition of your business